Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Live Fast, Carve Hard!

At the start of the winter I decided, it was really time to learn how to ski! As a mountaineer you should know how to ski, otherwise you have a big disadvantage for winter climbing.

I knew there were some good skiers among my fellow students, so I teamed up with two of them: Vincent Van Houtte and Hans Van Den Bosch. We chose the ski trip of Apolloon, our students association, because of the relatively low cost. (Later we discovered the organization sucked badly!) Our trip started on the first of February and we returned on the tenth of February.

Vincent and Hans enjoying the snow!


The weather wasn't perfect all the time. Most of the time the visibility was very poor and it snowed a lot, but I don't make complaints about it! The snow conditions where perfect! Almost every day around twenty centimeters of fresh powder!

Thanks to my friends, I made a lot of progress! They taught me how to ski parallel in the first few hours! I also took ski classes every day. Eventually I was able to ski black pistes and I did some off-piste runs as well.

Apart from the skiing, we had some fun during the après ski and on the parties (although not everyone was able to go to the party after the après ski ;) ) 

©Hans VD Bosch

On a freezing cold morning!
©Hans VD Bosch

©Lieselot Saelens
Valmeinier by night

Special thanks go to:
  • Hans and Vincent: because you guys rock!
  • Our Economica roommates: because we laughed a lot together! Especially Ruìz: You're funny when you're drunk!
  • The girls next door: for their knowledge of dishwashers!