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Welcome to my blog! I am Bart Vaganée, born in 1992 and I live in Mechelen, Belgium.

As far as I can remember, I was interested in science and nature. During our annual family holiday, this curiosity was translated to hiking trips and later on trekkings in the south of France. The search for adventure became unstoppable and I started climbing in 2007 in Klimax, one of the best climbing gyms in Belgium. I quickly became a member of the local climbing club and joined the youth training. There, I found out that competition climbing wasn’t what I was looking for. Instead, I became interested in rock- and later on alpine climbing. I followed my first mountaineering course in 2009, at the age of seventeen. 

One year later, I got the chance to go on an Aconcagua-expedition. I took the chance with both hands and although I prefer alpine style ascents above the commercial, classic style, it was an awesome experience! I learned a lot about expeditions and it made me realize that there are still so much places to explore! After this expedition, I went back to the Alps to improve on alpine rock routes, skiing and to get started with my mountaineering instructor training. In a few years, the call of adventure led me to Norway twice for some ice climbing and to Sweden for a trekking/mountaineering expedition.

During the last two years, I started leading (alpine)rock climbing and mountaineering courses for my local alpine club and I started scuba-diving in preparation of one of my upcoming travels...

“Live your dreams!”

Bart Vaganée
UIAA Instructor Alpine Climbing

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