Sunday, 13 December 2015

WAFA certification

A week ago I attended a Wilderness Advanced First Aid course by Wilderness Medical Associates and Outward Bound Belgium in Lustin, Belgium. This course really is a must for everyone who goes on extended trips, where help just might not be available, or for everyone who guides groups into the wilderness!

During the course we learned how to asses patiënts, how to deal with life-threatning conditions, spinal injuries, wounds, burns, anaphylaxis, hypothermya and much much more.

This four day course was very practical but intensive, we switched between theory, exercises and simulations all the time. During the last day of the course, there was a multiple choice exam with twenty-five questions, who succeeded received his three-year valid certificate. Next time we can choose to do the three-day recertification or the four-day WAFA to WFR bridge course.

Photo credits: Pieter Maes Zenfolio
Websites: Wilderness Medical Associates & Outward Bound Belgium

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